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1 Nov 2018 How to Make a Winning Awards Presentation Donna O’Toole
24 Apr 2018 The Secrets of Winning Awards Donna O’Toole
15 Nov 2017 Curated Learning Powered by AI Chris Littlewood, Filtered
31 Oct 2017 How to Make a Winning Awards Presentation Donna O’Toole
13 Sep 2017 Addictive Engagement in Learning Issy Nancarrow
1 August 2017 The Secrets of Winning Awards Donna O’Toole
26 July 2017 The Future Workplace Experience: Using Learning as an Attraction and Retention Tool Jeanne Meister, LEARNING LIVE Keynote Speaker
20 July 2017 Modern Learning Ecosystems – Getting the Experience Right Mark Rees, vLearning
26 Jun 2017 How to choose the right category and what makes a good entry (Learning Awards 2018) Nigel Paine
08 Jun 2017 Increased learning engagement through video games Robert Civill, Gamelearn
09 Mar 2017 Using sales techniques to launch your L&D projects Richard Barkey, Imparta
09 Mar 2017 Developing Effective Learner Journeys in a Learning and Performance Ecosystem Ger Driesen
01 Mar 2017 How to get clicks on e-learning courses Issy Nancarrow
28 Feb 2017 Gender equality – 6 steps to success Sarah Frame, Green Onyx
8 Feb 2017 Obtaining your Masters degree in workplace L&D Prof. Brian Sutton, Middlesex University
13 Dec 2016 Go Virtual! Ron Edwards, Serious Games International
07 Dec 2016 The Apprenticeship Levy – 5 essential preparation steps David Martin, Coelrind
23 Nov 2016 Optimising Human Performance through Smart Machines Carrie Remington, Volume
09 Nov 2016 70:20:10 – Reality Hits Home Eleni Iatridis, Assima
26 Oct 2016 The 5 secrets to accelerated learning Krystyna Gadd FLPI
01 Sep 2016 Live Online Learning: why the resistance? LPI
28 July 2016 7 Steps to Becoming a Digital Pioneer Looop
28 July 2016 The secrets to a happy, productive workplace Happy Ltd
26 July 2016 No more boring slides! Designing a great webinar presentation LPI
26 April 2016 Learning Awards: How to choose the Correct Category LPI
26 April 2016 Content + Context = Improved Performance TTS Knowledge Solutons
11 May 2016 What Makes a Webinar Master? Donald H Taylor
26 April 2016 Gamification is Changing Ron Edwards
10 March 2016 How to become a Webinar Master Donald H Taylor
27 Jan 2016 Engaging activities for online meetings, webinars or virtual training Kassy LaBorie & Thomas Stone
11 Dec 2015 Making Training More Effective Using the TPMA Framework Craig Hamill, Zonal Training Services
22 Oct 2015 What makes a webinar master? Donald H Taylor, Chair, LPI
21 Oct 2015 Storytelling for L&D professionals Martin Couzins, LearnPatch
3 Sep 2015 Solutions to faceless online sessions Jo Cook, COLF & CDOL Facilitator, LPI
29 July 2015 Compliance versus performance Toby Harris, Saffron & Iris Karvounari, Coca Cola Hellenic
15 July 2015 What learning designers can learn from positive psychology Lisa Minogue-White, WillowDNA
24 Jun 2015 Entering the Learning Awards: Advice from Judges Nigel Paine & Colin Steed
24 Jun 2015 Learning on Demand: The future of corporate learning Wai-Bin Lai, TTS
17 Jun 2015 Monitoring and developing your trainer’s delivery skills Mac Macdonald, Learning Academy Manager, LPI
11 Mar 2015 Capability Pt2: How to tame and train the capability elephant Paul Matthews, People Alchemy
11 Mar 2015 Capability Pt1: How the capability elephant stomps on your work Paul Matthews, People Alchemy
18 Feb 2015 Making it personal and make it better Lisa Minogue-White, Willow DNA
14 Jan 2015 Why is neuroscience not enough for L&D? Stella Collins, Stellar Learning
19 Nov 2014 LPI Books: The Learning Challenge by Nigel Paine (note some audio problems) Donald Taylor & Nigel Paine
15 Oct 2014 How to manage and moderate a social learning community Julian Stodd, SeaSalt Learning
24 Sep 2014 LPI Books: Revolutionizing Learning & Development by Clark Quinn Clark Quinn (author) & Donald Taylor
24 Sep 2014 Work is no longer a place – it’s everywhere David Smith, TMA World
17 Sep 2014 Great business writing for L&D professionals Lucy Gregory, Attica
17 Sep 2014 Taking leadership development online Lisa Minogue-White, WillowDNA
16 Jul 2014 Harnessing Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy David Smith, TMA World
11 Jun 2014 Performance Consulting for my team Nigel Harrison
11 Jun 2014 Learn on demand – the future of corporate learning Wai-Bin Lai, TTS
14 May 2014 Doing more with less; innovating your learning offer (First 5 mins recording lost) Andrew Jacobs, London Borough of Lambeth
14 May 2014 The future of Performance Support Brendan Scullion, Assima
23 Apr 2014 Performance Consulting for my team Nigel Harrison
23 Apr 2014 Introduction to Social Leadership Julian Stodd, SeaSalt Training
9 Apr 2014 Open-minded learning – what organisations can learn from MOOCs Lisa Minogue-White, WillowDNA
12 March 2014 Building your Performance Consulting competence Nigel Harrison
12 March 2014 How to create beautiful multi-device learning with Gomo Mike Alcock, Gomo Learning
12 February 2014 Instruction v Facilitation – Improving your delivery Jo Cook, LPI COLF/CDOL Facilitator
22 January 2014 Using the power of online communities to embed online learning Lisa Minogue-White, Willow DNA
8 January 2014 Online Engagement: what if I build it and they don’t come? Owen Ferguson, Best Practice
11 December 2013 Big Data: What’s in it for me? John Mattox, KnowledgeAdvisors